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Is there compensation for volunteering work?

Volunteers serve at their own pace and commitments can be flexible. Tasks can be undertaken whenever volunteers are available, and not heavily impacting their regular schedules. There are currently no monetary compensation for volunteer time or services done online. Served or active volunteers will be issued Reference or Appreciation Letters. AAE is forever grateful to volunteers for their contribution without which it would be difficult to continue our work.

Are there some tasks that I can perform on my own?

Yes, you can perform any of these task and contact us anytime to share the results.

Who are Volunteer Leads?

Volunteer Leads are are middle management supervisors and visionaries who take up supervisory roles on innovative AAE activities and projects. The ideas of our volunteers count in ensuring that we explore ways of addressing the needs and provide valuable support to our community. 

UNV Online Volunteers End of Assigment Procedure

UNV-AAE online volunteers serving on AAE task are issued with a Certificate of Appreciation through the UNV website. Download the End of Assignment– Online Volunteering – Standard Operating Procedure or follow these steps to generate a certificate:

  • The UNV-AAE volunteer complete feedback form on the UNV website based on collaboration.
  • AAE Supervisor working with UNV-AAE volunteer complete the feedback form based on online volunteer performance during collaboration
  • After feedback was provided the UNV system generates a certificate of appreciation in three languages. Send notification to online volunteer regarding certificate of appreciation ready for download
  • The UNV-AAE Volunteer view and download certificate (optional)