The Africa Association of Entrepreneurs (AAE) is a volunteer-run organisation. Volunteers are located throughout globe and work is coordinated by a head office in Ghana, lead volunteers and a network of national teams. AAE volunteers mainly work virtually, making use of online collaboration tools to support each other and other SMEs. However, national teams sometimes also offer in-person support services.

Volunteer serve at their own pace and service commitments are flexible. Task can be undertaken whenever volunteers are available, and not heavily impacting reqular schedules.


Are there some tasks that I can perform on my own?

Yes, you can perform any of these task and contact us anytime to share the results.

What is the terms of reference for AAE facilitated volunteers-member collaborations?

  • AAE-facilitated Volunteer-Member collaborations are for remote or online assistance and does not require physical presence at the office of the member. This connection is for charitable cause only and so volunteers serve on pro-bono basis
  • Volunteer may communicate directly with members and may share the results of collaboration with AAE at the end, in order to be issued a letter of appreciation
  • Facilicated collaborations are for a period of 4 weeks only or at the resolution of an assigned task, whichever comes first.
  • UNV volunteers serving, who applied to the AAE-UNV “coach our youth…” task will be issued with a Certificate of Appreciation from UNV on feedback of the AAE to UNV

Is there compensation for online volunteering work?

There are currently no monetary compensation for volunteer time or services done online. Served or active volunteers will be issued Reference or Appreciation Letters. AAE is forever grateful to volunteers for their contribution without which it would be difficult to continue our work.

Do you have on-site volunteering assignments?

International or local Volunteers can help in building the entrepreneurial capacity of young people undertaking activities in the technological space at the Abume School. Learn more.

Who are Volunteer Leads?

Volunteer Leads are are middle management supervisors and visionaries who take up supervisory roles on innovative AAE activities and projects. The ideas of our volunteers count in ensuring that we explore ways of addressing the needs and provide valuable support to our community. 

What is the AAE Leadership Team?

The AAE Team is comprised of head office volunteers (Cornelius Nartey, Daniel Lartey), Volunteer Leads (Lisa Samson, USA, Nicola Ball, Uganda, Winnifred Acheampong, Ghana, Lim Wenyao, Germany, Daëlle G. ISRAËL, Haiti) and National Project Leads.

UNV Online Volunteers End of Assigment Procedure

UNV-AAE online volunteers serving on AAE task are issued with a Certificate of Appreciation through the UNV website. Download the End of Assignment– Online Volunteering – Standard Operating Procedure or follow these steps to generate a certificate:

  • The UNV-AAE volunteer complete feedback form on the UNV website based on collaboration.
  • AAE Supervisor working with UNV-AAE volunteer complete the feedback form based on online volunteer performance during collaboration
  • After feedback was provided the UNV system generates a certificate of appreciation in three languages. Send notification to online volunteer regarding certificate of appreciation ready for download
  • The UNV-AAE Volunteer view and download certificate (optional)
Volunteers joining hands to bring about positive development. AAE Volunteering is about learning, friendship and fun
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He completed his Bachelor Science Degree at the University of the Witwatersrand (South Africa) in which my majors were Human Physiology and Human Biology. He then furthered and completed his studies in Postgraduate Diploma in Business Management at the Wits Business School, University of the Witwatersrand. He is now in a process of completing his Masters in Business Administration through the Heriot Watt University. He was selected to attend a business course which was hosted by two universities namely, Peking and Jinan University in China. He has also joined several NGOs, which helped many needy people to start their own businesses/entrepreneurial ventures as well as by providing young adults some basic literacy and numeracy.
Transportation & logistics
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Experienced senior business professional with a demonstrated history of working internationally with the mechanical and industrial engineering industries. Skilled in business acumen, sales & negotiations, strategy planning & implementation, business development, market research & analysis, marketing and sales development, project sales & management, business excellence processes and corporate finance. Https://www. Linkedin. Com/in/avinash-awati/
Aquaculture – animal husbandry – livestock farming and fish feeding systems
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Fenan Kenan Nkusi has completed her Master of Arts in Sociology and Bachelor of Arts in Psychology both at the University of Ottawa. Her master’s thesis examined the identities and experiences of African immigrant youth in Canada through a qualitative literature review. She previously worked for several years at a children’s hospital in program and academic coordination as well as in various Federal Government departments conducting policy analysis. She recently volunteered at UNDP supporting their research initiatives from a partnerships angle.
Retail & consumer
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Joris  is a sales and marketing professional with extensive working experience in the Fast-Moving Consumer Goods (FMCG) and Telecommunication Industry in Ghana. With added expertise in Business Development, Project Management, Media Sales, and FinTech, he enjoys working with colleagues to build brands, manage projects, work with startup firms and contribute to knowledge-sharing efforts. Joris is passionate about The Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and he is always willing to support any initiative that will make the world an exciting and better place for all. Joris lives in Ghana and loves making new friends who want to make an impact. He is currently following his passion by writing business-related articles and conducting web research on various business topics.
Government & public services
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I am a performance driven and high impact professional with over 12 years’ experience in project management, business integration, institutional change and multicultural team management. Also an exceptional communicator and an unconventional thinker with demonstrated ability to understand and implement various strategies globally. Experienced in reform and digital transformation of the sector focused on domestic revenue mobilization in Nigeria
Education and humanitarian response
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Marketing/social media advice/awareness
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Social media advice/awareness,International Relations and Foreign Policy Analysis
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20 years in teaching, research, and community development
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Estella Turukoyo worked at Democracy International as senior communications officer, UN Women as communications officer, news reporter and anchor, radio and TV presenter and researcher.