Africa: New Opportunities Through Outsourcing and Shared Services Industries

In recent years, several African states have leaped at the opportunity to join the outsourcing and shared services industry. Africa’s growing economies, economical labor, and technological development have advanced these prospects, as have the continent’s convenient time zones (zero-to-two hour time differences from Europe, as well as convenient time zones for 24-hour services to the North American continent), and regional fluencies in English and French. With the outsourcing industry valued at over $730 billion USD and expected to grow a further 9.4% annually, African regions should expand opportunities and incentivize businesses to capture more of this market.

Africa offers several advantages for corporations looking to globalize. Factors such as personnel shortages and cost considerations drove almost 70% of American companies– and close to 50% of British corporations– to outsource their consumer product industries. While other countries experience negative population growth (and, therefore, a shortage of new employees entering the workplace), numerous regions in Africa show rising populations and younger median ages. Increased internet connectivity in these regions make Africa a continent rich with young, technologically fluent adults that are entering the workspace at a perfect time for integration in the global economy. American, British, Australian, and Canadian companies have shown preference previously for outsourcing to India and the Philippines, in part due to seamless communication. But Africa’s young, diverse, and multilingual populations can compete with their English-speaking counterparts in India and the Philippines, while also offering opportunities for companies who are looking to outsource French and Arabic work, as well.


Jodi has worked in the technology sector as a lawyer, project manager, and privacy analyst. After graduating with her first degree in 2012, Jodi entered the workforce and found globalization impacted every aspect of her work. She has been fortunate to work with incredible colleagues from around the world, expanding her horizons and her interests far beyond her home in Colorado, USA.

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