Programs & Projects

Remote Volunteering Program

The AAE Remote Volunteering Program is designed for regular volunteers and voluntary interns who wish to serve the us for a fixed period of three month. On completion, a Letter of Completion is issued to successful participants.

The program allows experts, professionals, university students and young innovators to engage with AAE departments and AAE SME businesses in need whiles gaining real-life practical experience and promoting sustainable entrepreneurship.. Learn more.

Service and learning with African entrepreneurs

Each year a global team of around 50 to 100 volunteers spend time undertaking research on the entrepreneurial environment in each country in Africa, and exploring arising threats and opportunities. The materials are published on the African entrepreneurs’ association website and e-book, under a project titled “Hopes and Mirages”, intended to serve as a guide for anyone who wish to embark on a business enterprise in the region.

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Inspiring Green Startups

The project is partnering green industry coaches to educate 50 new young leaders and women entrepreneurs on their journey to become green entrepreneurs and to offer financial support. The project team create a digital learning experience and incubator platform. The coaches help on their journey from identifying the problem to ideating, developing and deploying a solution until they are able to found or re-inovate their own green business.

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