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Okafor Kingsley Chukwuma was born in Lagos, Nigeria. His father and mother are Igbos. He started writing since age 14 and in 2003 was awarded Distinguish Minus Poet (D.M.P) for his works on poetry by president Wale Ajakaiye, founder of Minus Poetry, Nigeria. He graduated from high school in Lagos 2003, after attending the university, received a BSc in Economics from Nasarawa State University in 2008 then went on to do his National Youth Service Corps at Government Secondary School, Bwari, Abuja in 2009 – 2010. After his Youth service, he worked with a non-governmental organization where he worked as a programmes and technical officer on a 7months contract heading the Save Somalia Campaign Team. After which he moved on to work with a South African Tourism firm where he worked as a Sales consultant for 8months, been able to attain several professional qualifications he then decided it was paramount to obtain a higher degree and he is studying currently to attain an MBA in Financial Management in Girne American University, Cyprus. Okafor Kingsley Chukwuma is currently studying and building himself in every capacity so as to gain a career in the United Nations.
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