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Prasad Ram blogs at and gets email at Prasad Ramachandran is the General Manager of Marketing in an IT organization. He has 16 years of experience Marketing & Sales, Account Management, Project Management and Technology consulting. He has lived and worked in 8 countries across Asia pacific. He has Masters degree in Business Administration, Psychology and Journalism & Mass Communication. He is also a behavioral trainer, having trained professionals from many countries. He has a passion for sharing his experiences with Students and empowering them to develop life skills and employability traits. He has self-published two books and is shares his thoughts through his blog. He has been volunteering for various social initiatives to bring about a change in the world he lives in!!!
Readers looking for content on the the African SME sector and business environment. Writers with unique insight.
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Atlantis Reborn: I was resting on my recliner, tired… with my eyes closed… after a long day!!! Suddenly, I could feel cool sea breeze blowing …

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