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Murielle Mfem
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Murielle Mfem was born on 7 July 1987 in Foumban, in the western region of Cameroon, where she grew up as one of four siblings. Her school career took her to Collège St Thomas d'Aquin in Bafoussam, where she studied literature from the second cycle onwards, demonstrating her love for words and ideas. After obtaining a degree in Sociology from the University of Dschang in 2004, Murielle enriched her academic career with additional training in micro-enterprise management, socio-cultural animation, gender and project cycle management. Her professional career began with an immersion in non-governmental organisations (NGOs) in Nigeria and Togo, where she was exposed to the challenges and opportunities of humanitarian work. Convinced of Africa's immense potential in terms of natural and human resources, Murielle is dynamic and committed to promoting sustainable development and empowering African communities.
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How the Economic and Social Ecosystem Influences Entrepreneurial Decisions in Cameroon
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Entrepreneurs in Cameroon confront various socio-economic risks, notably political instability, insecurity, corruption, and economic fluctuations, profoundly impacting their business strategies. This article aims to analyse these factors …