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David Maurice Fahmy Nakhla Born in Cairo,Egypt, on the 12th day of February 1980. I joined the " ollège de la salle - Les frères" in Egypt till 1997. I speak Arabic, French and. English In the year 2000, I immigrated to Montreal city - Canada to pursue a bachelor degree in economics and graduated in November 2003. I was volunteering during my teenage years in the public service runned by St. mary Church in cairo. I always had a passion for searching after knowledge and research in different areas of life such as a: history, logic , philosophy, economics, and literature . Later, in 2016 , I completed a diploma in the Canadian Immigration law, and now I am in the private sector running my own business of economics research , consultancy. I enjoy traveling , swimming, and soccer games. I believe that knowledge is power ..."Knowledge itself is power" Francis Bacon 1597
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Green Business in Egypt
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Green business practices and renewable energy are not only essential for environmental preservation, but also critical for economic prosperity and societal well-being, and many countries …