Haoxiang Zhang
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I am currently studying at Guilin University of Electronic Technology, with excellent academic performance and serving as class monitor
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College English 1 Sports 1 Outline of Modern and Contemporary Chinese History Situation and Policy 1 Physical Examination 1 College English 2 Ideology, Morality, and Rule of Law Sports 2 Situation and Policy 2 Military theory Career Planning and Employment and Entrepreneurship Guidance 1 College English 3 Basic Principles of Marxism Sports 3 Situation and Policy 3 Physical Examination 2 College English 4 Sports 4 Situation and Policy 4 Situation and Policy 5 Physical Examination 3 Writing and Communication 1 Advanced Mathematics A1 Engineering Drawing C C Language Programming A College Physics A1 Advanced Mathematics A2 Linear Algebra B Discrete Mathematics C College Physics A2 probability theory Complex function B Electronic Cognitive Internship Freshman enrollment education C Language Programming Experiment Mechanical Engineering Training 1 Basic Experiment of Circuit Analysis Physics Experiment 1 Simulated Electronic Technology Experiment Physics Experiment 2 Basic engineering design Digital Logic Experiment Communication Electronic Circuit Experiment Electronic Circuit Design Software Experiment Signal Processing and System Analysis Experiment Military skills Principle and Application Experiment of Microcontroller Hardware Description Language Design Experiment Fundamentals of Circuit Analysis data structure Signal and System Analysis Analog Electronic Technology digital logic Digital Signal Processing A (Foreign Language Textbook) Communication electronic circuits electromagnetic field Introduction to Random Processes Principles of Microcomputers and Interface Technology
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