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I'm Andrea Ilaria Savio, a United Nations Volunteer with a great passion to make a positive impact on the world. My roots trace back to Vicenza, Italy, where I was born and raised. I'm on a mission to leverage my skills and knowledge to bring positive change. My academic journey led me to a double major in Politics with International Relations and Sociology at the University College Dublin in Ireland, where I graduated with honors. This educational background has armed me with the insights and understanding needed to tackle the complex challenges we face in the world today. I've embraced the opportunity to serve as a project contributor for the African Association of Entrepreneurs, where I actively use my versatile skill set. This includes video production, fundraising promotion, digital design, editing and formatting, and writing articles. My goal is to empower entrepreneurs across Africa, contributing to economic growth, innovation, and social development on the continent. I'm deeply committed to this cause, and I'm enthusiastic about working toward a brighter future for all.
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