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Zhang, Rui
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My name is Rui Zhang, and I am a junior majoring in finance at Shanghai University. My academic performance on campus was excellent, with an average score of 91.25%, ranking fifth among 129 individuals. Obtained full marks in multiple subjects such as economics, econometrics, financial data analysis and forecasting that I have studied. In addition, I am proficient in English expression, operation and application of office software Microsoft Office, data analysis software Stata, and SPSS.I have rich practical experience both in and out of class, such as being a volunteer at the China (Shanghai) International Technology Import and Export Fair, Nanning Science and Technology Museum, and a student at the Shanghai Wharton Center. I am diligent, responsible, patient, and possess strong self-learning, leadership, and communication skills.
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What type of assigment would you like?
Providing or Cordinating Small Business Development Support Services
Data Analytics and Information Management
Contextualization and Copy Editing
Analytic Research or Literature Review
Raising Awareness on AAE, Member Businesses or sector-related Issues
What are your expectations on working with AAE?
Firstly, I hope to apply the financial knowledge I learned in school during my internship at AAE, and also hope to learn new knowledge and skills during the internship process. Secondly, I expect to broaden my horizons and improve my English proficiency through online internships. Finally, I look forward to friendly communication and cooperation with my supervisor and colleagues and becoming harmonious friends.
University Name, Major and coure taken so far
Shanghai University, Major: Finance. Courses´╝ÜQuantitative Techniques for Finance and Economics, Financial Data Analysis and Forecast, Business Statistics, Money and Banking, Accounting, Business and Society, Academic and Business Communication, Marketing Management
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There is no other information that has not been disclosed.
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3-month online internship program for voluntary interns
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