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I am an international affairs analyst, a seasoned language service provider (French-to-English translator/reviser, French/English tutor and writer/editor) with about 7 years combined experience in the global health, humanitarian, education and development cooperation spaces. I am fluent in English and French (DELF B2 and DALF C2 certificates’ holder) and a certified beginner-level Portuguese learner/user. I studied and worked in Switzerland for over six (6) years and gained multisectoral experience through working with the UN, CSOs, NGOs and the private sector in events organization, donor relations, translation and health communications. International affairs aside, I am passionate about the provision and promotion of quality education, economic development and poverty alleviation in Africa. I have a Bachelor’s degree in French and Political Science (First Class) and a Master’s degree in International Affairs.
Readers looking for content on the the African SME sector and business environment. Writers with unique insight.
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