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Abdel Naser Abdel Rahim, Khalid
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Abdel Naser Abdel Rahim
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I would like to thank my family for their moral support. Many thanks to the United Nations for giving me the opportunity to conduct this volunteering article. My grateful thanks are extended to the Africa Association of Entrepreneurs – supporting growth in entrepreneurship for accepting my participation in the hopes and mirages project. Name: Khalid Abdel Naser Abdel Rahim Researcher in University of Coimbra. Graduated with a Master of Science in Structural Engineering from University of Dundee in Scotland. Graduated with Bachelors of Engineering with honors in Civil Engineering from Kingston University in London. Four years of construction and engineering experience in Lebanon, Jordan and Saudi Arabia. Published several papers in International Journals in USA, Australia, Africa and Asian. Member of Arab Engineers Association (Membership Number. 430). International Computer Driving Licence 2009 (UNESCO Licence No. UN 09 03 7075). Green Building and LEED professional accreditation workshop – AMIDEAST (Beirut/Lebanon) 10th November 2012.
Volunteers joining hands to bring about positive development. AAE Volunteering is about learning, friendship and fun
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ABSTRACT: This article proposes new strategies and environmentally friendly methods to establish permanent green business projects in Mauritius. In order to improve green business in …

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