Green Business in Egypt

Green business practices and renewable energy are not only essential for environmental preservation, but also critical for economic prosperity and societal well-being, and many countries have recognized the impact of these practices on the development of a cleaner environment. In the last ten years, many countries have taken serious steps towards implementing new projects using their renewable energy sources.  In Africa, Egypt is taking the leading role for its unique geographical location, demography, energy sources, and legislative framework governing green business practices.

Egypt has a unique geographic location, which serves as a crossroad connecting three major continents (Africa, Asia, and Europe). Its growing population drives people to immigrate and get introduced to the latest technologies in various fields. Green energy is one, which will ultimately help create more job opportunities related to this field.  Egyptian land, lying between the Mediterranean and the Red Sea, as well as its moderate climate, encourages the use of renewable energy, as the River Nile and Lake Nasser alone do not meet the demands of the increasingly growing population. The Egyptian government is taking significant steps to use all its natural resources to develop the green energy business and create more job opportunities to boost foreign investment in this field.

The Egyptian Government created a legislative framework for using renewables (water, wind, and green hydrogen), and creating green jobs. To meet the need for water, it uses treated agricultural and sewage wastewater for irrigation and industrial purposes, and desalination of seawater along with the river Nile to meet the need for fresh potable water. The government also encouraged many businesses to rely on solar and wind energy to generate electricity and use green hydrogen instead of fossil fuel, thus decarbonizing the air for a cleaner environment.

David Maurice Fahmy Nakhla Born in Cairo,Egypt, on the 12th day of February 1980. I joined the " ollège de la salle - Les frères" in Egypt till 1997. I speak Arabic, French and. English In the year 2000, I immigrated to Montreal city - Canada to pursue a bachelor degree in economics and graduated in November 2003. I was volunteering during my teenage years in the public service runned by St. mary Church in cairo. I always had a passion for searching after knowledge and research in different areas of life such as a: history, logic , philosophy, economics, and literature . Later, in 2016 , I completed a diploma in the Canadian Immigration law, and now I am in the private sector running my own business of economics research , consultancy. I enjoy traveling , swimming, and soccer games. I believe that knowledge is power ..."Knowledge itself is power" Francis Bacon 1597

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