Entrepreneurs in Africa: Hopes and Mirages 2013

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An award winning organisation, the Association of African Entrepreneurs has redefined the very essence of entrepreneurship in Africa by providing for the intellectual and entrepreneurial needs of the resource rich continent. Through its myriad endeavours, AAE has shown the world that Africa is neither poor, nor poorly managed: the potential for success and advancement is slowly being realised fruitfully.
This season around, AAE has assembling articles that analyse the business environments of various African countries. Titled in pursuit of the theme of Entrepreneurs in Africa: Hopes and Mirages, this compilation comprise a plethora of articles serve to:

  • Explode myths and offer a panoramic glimpse at reality
  • Offer explorations of the business and entrepreneurial climate in African nations
  • Dedicate considerable information to the new entrepreneur and investor in Africa’s
    nations through business

Entrepreneurs in Africa: Hopes and Mirages 2012

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Looking at Africa as a continent has the potential to overlook the intricacies and complexities of its vastness and diversity. Africa is comprised of 55 countries, covering 30 million square kilometres, and 1.0 billion people, with a diversity of languages, cultures, and economies, within and across national boundaries. It would be impossible to cover all these countries – their present, their prospects, and their people – in the detail and thoroughness that they deserve.

This volume serves as an introduction to Africa’s diversity of industry, and richness of opportunities, many of which are still waiting to be explored. In examining the business prospects of African markets, we see a side of the continent seldom reported in conventional media, and encourage entrepreneurs, within the continent and abroad, to embrace the continent’s surging wealth of potential.

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