Raise Awareness on African business sector Issues

Insights drives inspiration and action. So, lets keep inspiring others to support the fuller vision of sustainable enterpreneurship in Africa. Also, research has shown that MSMEs fail when entrepreneurs don’t understand the environment in which they operate their businesses or the psychology and culture of ta market

Business failures have obviously negative impacts on entrepreneurs and their families. However, these failures also impact the overall economy and employment rates, which can impact society through high levels of unemployment, reduced government spending on basic services, and instability. 

The AAE Awareness Department advocates for the role of entrepreneurship in inclusive development and the creation of innovative business models and products to enhance economic growth, in accordance with SDG Target 8.3. AAE publishes articles on its website (https://aaeafrica.org) to provide entrepreneurs and other stakeholders insights on the business environment in Africa, aiming to help them make informed decisions about supporting business, innovation, and entrepreneurial spirit. These articles target a diverse audience, including entrepreneurs themselves, government departments, civil society organizations, and donor agencies.

To maximize the impact of our published information, it is essential that they are effectively circulated and read. So, join us disseminate:

  • to deliver news and articles that offer valuable perspectives on the African business environment
  • to help connect stakeholders with decision making processes,  and actions that address various issues relevant to the continent.

 Awareness Volunteers/Interns play a crucial role in promoting our articles and news items across social media platforms and discussion forums on relevant websites. 

  • Visit the article directory page and select one or more articles
  • Tell us how you plan to prmote your selected article(s) by one quick email
  1. Which article(s) you plan to promote and why?
  2. How long you plan to work and which platforms you would use?

You can promote for as long as possible or for just a eight-week period reaching some 3000 more page views each for your selected article(s(.

Then, Get back to let us know what  results you achieved so far.

How others have promoted their selected articles

  • Sending information about the articles to their contacts and encouragig them to read and/orspread the information.
  • Using social media sites such as Facebook Twitter, Skype, Gtalk, Reddit, InvestorHub and other forums and professional networking sites to link to AAE’s articles page to create discussion among contacts.

The AAE Social Media pages are on Facebook (@aaeafrica), Twitter (@aaeafrica), Linkedin
(https://www.linkedin.com/groups/4580648), Instagram (@aaeafrica) and Whatsapp (@aaeafrica).


AAE is a volunteer-run organisation coordinated by a network of national teams.

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