Mid-Year Fundraising for AAE Started, Last Day 31 August, 2024

African Association of Entrepreneurs (AAE) is a registered international non-profit, non-political and non-religious organisation located in Ghana with a purpose of  supporting the sustainable development of small and medium enterprises (SMEs) in Africa through advocacy, education, information and networking support..

First of all we are giving our deep thanks to our all volunteers, donors and sponsors of AAE activities. You have helped us to change the life of many people.

Mid-year is here again, and you still have enough time to share your donation and contribution until end of 31 August, 2024.

Why support us?

We provide a range of services tailored to meet the needs of African entrepreneurs. With more support, entrepreneurs in need are more likely to run profitable businesses and contribute to their families and communities.

With your support, we:

  • connect more SMEs in need to volunteer experts
  • publish more informative articles and handbooks

How to support AAE

  1. Donate to our goal to pay for support costs using the button below.
Donate Now
  • 2. Spread the word about AAE. Talk with friends and family about what we do. You might know someone who can benefit from our services or someone who would be a great volunteer!
  • 3. Host a fundraising event, such as a party, exhibition or lunch. Collect small donations from several people and donate it here. Small donations can add up, and for AAE every cent and penny counts!
  • 4. Get connected! Follow us on Facebook and Twitter and like and share our content. If you also work with entrepreneurs, feel free to link to our site or resources from your blog or site.

What your gifts do

Your gift has gone towards such issues as small-business education for the youth so they may expand their reach in the world, and low-income business families to allow them to coordinate with other communities, learn more skills, and increase efficiency.

If not for your charitable actions, then many communities would continue to suffer by being at an educational and technological disadvantage. Thank you for your selfless action that has benefited people in more ways than can be expressed. Read about our achievements since 2004

How young entrepreneurs give back to society

Modern day small businesses offer a lot more than employment opportunities. They contribute to the economy, the community, and even to your everyday life. Imagine making a small contribution to an AAE Mentoring and Support for Young Entrepreneurs allowing a young entrepreneur to get a better and clearer idea about everything a fresh-starting entrepreneur needs to know. It is not easy to start a new business with booming potential. There are a lot of challenges young entrepreneurs may face. Without the right guidance on how to be a successful owner, these challenges may hinder the future of small businesses in Africa and the progress of locally independent productions.

AAE aims to provide young African men and women with the development they need to become independent entrepreneurs.

No matter what your background, religion you believe in, or language you speak, we are all connected by the same passion to make change: the potential to be the change. Give yourself a chance to witness the new era of Africa taking it’s youthful entrepreneurs by hand and guiding their way into the future of independent business.

Please see the full list of payment options available at this link


AAE is a volunteer-run organisation coordinated by a network of national teams.

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