A chance to help and bring change

  1. Has it been long since you caught up with your friends and family?
  2. Do you think you have some free time to spare for those in need?
  3. Would you rather meet your folks over something that could have them changing other people’s lives as well?

If the answers are yes to the questions above, then this notice is just for you!

These is in keeping with our fundraising campaign which kicked off globally. AAE (Association for African entrepreneurs) is seeking to raise money from potential donors to help the green industry entrepreneurs in Africa!

Now how would your time be useful rather than only your donation?

We have kicked off our fundraising campaign to achieve our goal of raising $2000 for AAE activities. Some of the ways by which you could help are:

  1. Host a party for your friends and family asking each of them to pay a fee for the party..the fee could as small as 5 to 10 USD(Remember each penny counts for us!)
  2. If you are a student then it would be great to host a fundraiser during that lunch hour and get many more people involved in this cause.
  3. If you are an office -goer than the fundraiser could be during your lunch hour!
  4. Artists can ask people to pay a small fee for visiting their exhibitions for this cause..you get to decide the fee!

Your actions above will not only help us in more ways than one: It will help us raise money, get more and more people involved with AAE. We only hope that we get to add more people to the AAE family! For more information on our goal you can visit the link below:

You can join us facebook , follow us on twitter or even mention us on your blogs or magazines, or even a word of your mouth dedicated to out cause would be helpful!


AAE is a volunteer-run organisation coordinated by a network of national teams.

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