Raise Awareness on African business sector Issues

Insights drives inspiration and action. So, one of the ways to inspire others to support the fuller vision of sustainable enterpreneurship in Africa is to spread the word on the African business sector issues and make all who care about building the Africa want to join hands and support it.

Our analytic reports offer a insights on the business environment in Africa. The news and events, opportunities and stories present the vision, mindset and concerns of the African business people

The general public need this information to understand. Enterprises needs the ideas, innovation and a boost to the entrepreneurial spirit. For these articles to have the greatest impact, they need to be read! Be part of this effort to inform and educate.

Sign- up today and start using the tools of Web 2.0 and social media for this good cause

  • Visit the article directory page and select one or more articles
  • Let us know your plans through a quick email to info@aaeafrica.org. Tell us
  1. Which article(s) you plan to promote and why?
  2. How long you plan to work and which platforms you would use?

You can promote for as long as possible or for just a four-week period reaching some 3000 more page views for your selected article.


  • Get back to tell us the good news about your achievements. An email with:
  1. the web links of forums/social media site that you used
  2. Any outcomes or feedbacks received

You are doing well, friend. Comgratulations! Buy yourself a calabash of palm wine!

How others have promoted their selected articles

  • Sending information about the articles to their contacts and encouragig them to read and/orspread the information.
  • Use social media sites such as Facebook Twitter, Skype, Gtalk, Reddit, InvestorHub and other forums and professional networking sites to link to AAE’s articles page to create discussion among contacts.
  • chat and email to provide a clearer picture and purpose articles

The AAE Social Media pages are on Facebook (@aaeafrica), Twitter (@aaeafrica), Linkedin
(https://www.linkedin.com/groups/4580648), Instagram (@aaeafrica) and Whatsapp (@aaeafrica).


AAE is a volunteer-run organisation coordinated by a network of national teams.

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