How to Create a GlobalGiving Fundraiser

1. Open the GlobalGiving web site: in your browser and open the GlobalGiving fundraising page.

2. Look for the “GET STARTED” button: click on it.

3. Sign in or create an account: If you do not already have an account on GlobalGiving, you will need to create one. If you already have an account, log in using your login credentials.

4. Select a Project: When creating a fundraising page, you will need to select a specific project for which you want to raise money. AAE project list can be found at Select the project you want to create a fundraising page for and note its name and project number.

5. Fill in the fundraising page information: In the GlobalGiving Create fundraising page, you will be asked to fill in the details about your fundraising campaign, such as the fundraising goal, title, description, etc. Make sure to provide a clear and engaging description to attract donors.

6. Set a fundraising goal: Based on your fundraising needs and project goals, set a reasonable fundraising goal. Make sure your goals are challenging but achievable.